1 in 9: The Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition is a grassroots advocacy organization of dedicated volunteers who are working to keep the concerns about the breast cancer epidemic in the forefront. We are committed to promoting action towards finding causes and cures, with the eradication of breast cancer as our ultimate mission.

It is our mission to promote awareness of the breast cancer epidemic through education, outreach, advocacy, and direct support of research, which is being done to find the causes of, and cures for breast cancer and other related cancers. Since a high majority of breast cancer incidence falls outside the known risk categories, we are unique in looking at environmental factors as possible causes and in seeking and promoting ways to keep the environment healthy.

In pursuit of our goals, we are committed to reaching the end of this road and ensuring that future generations have a safer place to live. We pledge to expand and continue those projects that will result in the elimination of the breast cancer epidemic in our lifetime.

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